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"The entire cosmic creation begins from the point of the Pancha Bhutas or the 5 elements.

They are Earth or Prithvi, Water or Jal, Fire or Agni, Air or Vayu, Ether or Akash. These five elements contain five characteristics. They account for the five faculties of Shabda(sound), Sparsha(touch), Roopa(sight), Rasa(taste), Gandha (smell).

Thus every individual has these distinct five faculties as each of these faculties has emanated from one particular element.Akash or Ether is the first element and accounts for the emergence of the organ of hearing-the ear and is represented by sound. It represents the space in which everything takes place

The second element is Vayu or air and the skin is the product of the principle represented by touch. It represents the gaseous state of matter and is responsible for the respiratory system.

The third element is Agni or fire and the eye is the organ representing sight. It represents form without substance and is responsible for digestion and perception.

The fourth element is Jal or water and is represented by the organ tongue which is used for the dual function of taste and speech. It represents the liquid state of matter and is responsible for fluid metabolism in the body. Blood, lymph and other fluids are considered as water elements.

The fifth element is Prithvi or earth and the nose is the organ representing smell. It represents the solid state of matter and is responsible for the physical constitution of the body. Bones, tissues and teeth are considered as earth elements"


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 paintings on glass 

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