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Nisa Mars Counter naturally extends herself into all of her divergent passions. Nisafit, a landmark of the health and fitness community on Martha's Vineyard is her professional outlet used to spread an active plant-based lifestyle message. Evolutionisa, a vegan food platform is where practical plant based advice can be found. Here, you can find her designs. Intrinsically and uniquely linked to her world view.

Nisa is an absolute. She is in your face and impatient that the world doesn't see the truth that she lives for. An absolute has the power to dilute all things to their origins. Originally, she came into this world uncompromising in her view that not only should every person be eating a vegan diet, wearing clothing that doesn't exploit animals or people in the process, and working on themselves every single day - but also that everyone can and should be doing so in the most comfortable, delicious and beautiful way possible.

A vortex of energy fueling the plant-based movement from every possible angle. Nisa fundamentally believes that the world will be a much better place when humans stop killing and torturing animals for food and for clothing. Compassion is a muscle that can be spiritually worked out much like a bicep or glute. The first step is to stop eating animal products and putting their pain and fear into the cells of our bodies. As more and more people make this simple and sustainable choice there will be less pain and suffering in our environment. In this way compassion can be the catalyst for a healthy lifestyle, a choice that can have huge consequences not only in terms of life and death, but in the term of life and in the quality of life until death. If we're all going to be healthier and live longer, why not be beautiful and cozy while doing it?

Hence the first line of knitwear, and head scarves beautifully handcrafted ethically sourced garments with plenty of backstory and tons of style. Wearing any of these one of a kind creations is an icebreaker for the most important conversation that we as a society and as a race can be having. Screaming it from the rooftops Nisa hopes that you will be emboldened to ripple out into the ocean of consciousness and be willing to explain what it is that makes these designs matter. The only catastrophe is silence.

available PONCHO
nisa poncho

Pomhawks and Poncho Combo

poncho and pomhawk


russian wool poncho

Ponchos & Pomhawks

Nisa Mars Designs



available PONCHO


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