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nisa mars


I am really excited to announce a very busy upcoming summer/fall 2023 season. starting at the featherstone center for the arts annual "art of flowers show" May 14th-29th

debuting a very special new collection "birds of pray" for the entire month of July at the marvelous Mocha Motts coffee shop Vineyard Haven location

As always you can find a rotating collection of my paintings at the amazing Juice by the sea cafe in oak bluffs currently hanging 15 paintings and their Vineyard haven location has 12

In July my very first ever solo show "bloom" at "the workshop gallery" 32 beach road in vineyard haven July 10-23rd opening party July 11th 6-9pm!! Was a huge success so looking forward to next year's show! Loads in the works for 2024

September 17 art Opening


at featherstone gallery for the arts 4-6pm and show continues until Oct 9

3 paintings submitted.


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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