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nisa mars
nisa mars

Introducing nisa mars

A Lifetime of Creations


nisa mars

I am a fitness trainer and i own NisaFit  and evolutionisa but I came into this world a designer. I love bright colors. I am very eclectic and usually go over the top. I love beautiful things. My Rose and Peony gardens. i adore crystals and all gemstones. i collect botanical perfumes and bottles. I am a textile junkie. i paint on glass occasionally on canvas or wood although i much prefer glass  .


my husband ben is a very talented carpenter so he builds my frames and furniture.   As always i am super inspired by the natural world. gems, crystals, textiles i love them all.I am a huge collector and currently 

I have a residency at juice by the sea in oak bluffs and i am currently showing 17 paintings there 

click over to 2023 art shows for further info and thank you for checking out my work


i wear kimonos pomhawks and huge sunglasses. ​i fiercely love my family, nature and the truth​. i collect orchids rugs, botanical perfumes,art and flowers.


​i am a big jeep driving ass kicker by day and i ride giant squid and protect the oceans by night. otherwise known as NISAFIT​

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