nisa mars


my grandmother and her sister always wore headscarves and giant jewlery … they were so so fabulous in every way.

i came to this planet a designer my home is filled with vintage textiles, rugs art and pillows from all over the world i have always loved sourcing things from tiny villages filled with history and generations of talented artists. i have created long lasting friendships with people whom i have never met in person but who’s talent and eye i have worked with for decades.

my gardens are filled with orchids roses and peonies i get great inspiration from nature the elementals and the entire natural world. 

my glass paintings were a perfect fit for this new endeavor of mine to create the perfect headscarves. i have worn them since i was a baby. the more eclectic the better …. i love outrageous. i love fearless. i love beauty and i love these headscarves, i see them as the perfect summer headwear to compliment our line of winter pomhawks. each one is meticulously resized by hand, earth friendly dyes are used to mimic the colors perfectly and each has hand sewn rolled edges. these are very very special.  

lots more in the works…. stay tuned!